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About NortonCardTM Platform

Empowering Global Prepaid Debit Solutions.
Norton enables Money Transfer Operators and financial institutions to maximize revenue through a flexible prepaid card processing platform, innovative features and industry experience allow clients to create customized prepaid programs for their specific markets while ensuring quality, security and time to market.
NortonCardTM is a web based feature-rich prepaid card solution that supports and manages various flavors of prepaid cards such as payroll cards, remittance cards, gift cards, travel cards, general purpose retail cards, benefit cards and campus cards.
NortonCardTM provides end-to-end requirements of a prepaid card issuer including program management, card life-cycle management, registration, fee management, authorizations, transaction processing, account funding, dispute management, risk management, customer care and cardholder self care.
It is designed ground up for multi-institution, multi country, multi-lingual, multi-currency environments. Its robust and tested 3 tier architecture delivers optimal processing power to handle data intensive issuing and authorization functions.

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