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Money Transfer Platform

About NortonCashTM
Norton Financial Corporation has developed is a web-based turn-key remittance solution that allows financial institutions to offer a fast, reliable and compliant money transfer service to over 80 countries and territories worldwide under their own brand and with complete control over prices and customers. The platform is commercialised in UK and around the world under the brand NortonCashTM

Norton Financial Corporation has successful implemented these solutions for addressing the financial needs of Payment Institutions, Money Transfer Operators, Foreign Exchange Offices, Mobile Network Operators, Government agencies, and immigrants living and working in the United Kingdom, USA and Europe. Many of these solutions were first implemented in UK by Money Services Business operators and Micro Finance Institutions in India.
NortonCashTM is an online, real-time remittance processing system that is accessed through the Internet and is offered as an application service. Users access the system by logging onto our main web server secured by a digital certificates and a firewall. Using NortonCashT Money Transfer Platform simply requires standard personal computers with a secure and reliable Internet connection as commonly available in banks and other financial institutions. There is no need to invest in any additional hardware or software.

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