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Card Personalization

Norton Financial Corporation`s Business Process Outsourcing
Our BPO services include personalisation of EMV Cards used as payment medium in the payment services industry. EMV Card personalisation is the process of:

(i). Embossing Cardholders' data onto the EMV Cards (physical personalisation); and/or
(ii). programming Cardholders' data into the smart chips of the EMV Cards (logical personalisation).
The above processes transform a Card with complete artwork but without personal data (blank Card) into a personalised EMV Card. We offer card personalisation to both EMV Cards and co-branded Credit Card-based Loyalty Cards

EMV Card Personalisation process
The steps of transforming a blank Card into a 'personalised card' are as depicted in the diagram below

Upon receiving blank Cards and Cardholder applicants' data from the Issuing Banks, we will commence the data processing i.e. to download all the data into the system. For security reasons, the data is transferred in an encrypted format. Our system will convert the encrypted data into the personalisation machine format via the Personalisation Preparation Process System (P3 System). The card personalisation machine then integrates and incorporates the data into the EMV Card. Personalisation and mailing reports are prepared at this stage and subsequently printed by the Card mailer programme during the final EMV Card mailing process.
Following the physical personalisation and logical personalisation, the blank Cards will be personalised into an EMV Card. After the blank Cards are personalised, reports are generated which comprise the following:
• Name of the EMV Card-holder;
• EMV Card number;
• Expiry date of the EMV Card;
• Address of the EMV Card-holder; and
• Credit limit of the EMV Card-holder.

Thereafter, the EMV Cards will be placed onto a letter printed by the Card mailer programme ("Letter"). Subsequently, the Information together with the Letter will be verified by different employees of our Group to eliminate errors.
In the provision of this service, we assist the Financial Institutions to comply with the processes and security tests as required by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide in accordance with EMV standards. Our experience in assisting the Financial Institutions to comply with the international financial card issuance standards is a testament of our capability in terms of physical security standards and logical security requirements. As part of our Business Process Outsourcing services, we can assist Bank to obtain the certifications described below A partial list of our Personalization services:
• Embossing
• Encoding
• Thermal Printing
• DOD printing
• Activation Labels
• Card Packaging
• Mailing

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