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Norton Financial Corporation Ltd is a privately held British corporation based in London. The company is owned by private, institutional investors and by the original owners of its patents and trademarks.

The UK's largest independent electronic payment processor, Norton Financial Corporation serves financial institutions and local governments worldwide with online banking modules, online bill payment capability, money remittance, multipurpose EFT Switch platform, international payment services and payment consolidation services.
Norton's electronic payment solutions can be used by credit/debit issuers, acquirers (both ATM and merchant), commercial banks, micro finance institutions, and money transfer operators, Foreign Exchange Offices, mobile network operators, governments and payment processors. As a leading provider of a multipurpose EFT Switch platform and global payment services, Norton Financial Corporation operates on international franchise system in 27 countries around the world; we have developed comprehensive online solutions to help organizations to help their customers with their remittance needs.

Total electronic payment transactions processed on NortonCashT platform, could amount to 10 million transactions worth 5 billion annually.
Our Solution Suite includes: Prepaid Card Solutions, white label programs, co-branded debit card programs, multipurpose EFT Switch Solutions, e-commerce Solutions, Mobile Payment solutions and Global Payment Solutions (GPS). We successfully provided solutions to personal, business, financial institutions and government agencies across the world.
Norton Financial Corporation UK is the principal governance entity of the global Norton Financial Corporation organization and does not provide any payment services to consumers and end users directly. Services are provided under international franchise system by Norton Financial Corporation Ltd`s member companies and franchisees. Each of Norton Financial Corporation Ltd and its member companies or franchisee is a separate legal entity and has no liability for another such entity's acts or omissions. The trademarks and logos NortonCashT, NortonCardT, NortonPayT, NortonSwitchT, NortonCheckT, NortonPrepaidT, NortonBankingT, are registered trademarks of the global Norton Financial Corporation limited UK.
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