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E.Commerce Solutions

With an explosive growth in volumes of e-commerce payments on the internet, the challenge for e-businesses is to effectively handle internet payment methods, maintain high levels of customer and merchant services and implement security policies to ensure the integrity of transactions, customer and merchant data. Norton Payment Gateway (NPG) offers customers, merchants and financial institutions a very comprehensive modular solution that is secure, reliable and enables quick response to evolving business requirements. Leveraging our extensive expertise in the e-commerce space, we offer complete solutions that include:

Norton Payment GatewayTM
Norton Payment Gateway (NPG) offers card holders, merchants and financial institutions a solution that enables secure acquisition, processing and routing of online e-commerce transactions.
NPG is a real time payment processing solution that supports all major credit and debit cards from global payment processing networks. It provides transaction acquiring and processing interfaces to Web Merchants, Customers, EFT Switches & Acquirer Networks. NPG is a highly configurable and sophisticated routing solution to manage authorization of payment transactions received over the Internet.

Key features
• Supports Internet, IVR, kiosks and WAP e-payment channels
• Multiple bank accounts, card types and currencies support for merchants
• Seamless transaction processing
• Ease of integration
• Real time monitoring
• Enhanced security
• ACH interface
• Load balancing and failover protection

Norton MPITM
Norton MPI is a centralized Merchant Server Plug-in, which can be integrated with any Payment Gateway that supports 3-D Secure.

Key features
• A centralized MPI which can be integrated with any Internet Payment Gateway that supports 3-D Secure
• Supports all kinds of debit and credit cards
• Minimal integration for merchant websites
• Single MPI for multiple merchants
• Supports standard Internet browser as well as Mobile (WAP) protocol

Norton ACSTM
Norton ACS (Access Control Server) protects Visa and MasterCard card holders and issuers from fraudulent e-commerce transactions.

Key features
• Certified by Visa and MasterCard
• Norton ACS supports the current versions of Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
• Includes an Enrollment Server to enable an issuer to enroll cardholders.
• Supports 'Attempts' ACS functionality.

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