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Eft Switch Solutions

NortonSwitchTM is a multipurpose, multiprotocol and Multilanguage software based transaction processing electronic fund transfer designed to handle online financial transactions from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Cash Dispensers, Kiosks, Phones, Internet Applications, Point of Sale devices, International Interchanges such as Visa, Master Card and Diners. Norton switch is designed to meet the needs of the financial institution or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network that must switch large volumes of transactions from many/any source(s) to many/any destination(s).
These transaction sources are typically ATM, Point of Sale, Internet networks, downstream processes, or acquiring financial institutions. Typical destinations include card issuers or EFT networks of national or international interchanges.

Application areas of Norton switch are:
Financial messaging
Online transaction processing
Internet Banking
Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Point of Sale (POS) Terminal
Customer information and transaction
Telephone Banking
Money Transfer
Cash to Cash Transfer
Cash to Account Transfer
Card to Cash Transfer
Merchant web server transaction Sup authorization

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