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NortonCashTM offers a broad range of functionality that can be customized to the users requirements.

NortonCashTM functionality includes:
• Easy-to-use teller interface to capture transaction data
• Search function to find transactions, remitter or beneficiary information, payment locations and foreign
   exchange rates
• Transaction reports by teller, branch or institution
• End-of-day summary report for cash and account reconciliation
• Automatic transaction monitoring for suspicious activity to prevent money laundering or fraud
• Automatic check of remitters and recipients against national and international lists of Specially
   Deignated Nationals, such as the OFAC list
• Strong database that records customer information and transaction history so that repeat customers
   can be served in seconds
• Remitter ID cards for more efficient service

Key characteristics and features of NortonCashT include:
• Secure and reliable system based on leading Financial software
• Payment of transfers in cash or credit to account through financial institutions
• System access through a secure online interface
• Origination, administration and reconciliation of transfers in real time
• Online access to settlement accounts, reconciliation reports and accounting information
• Automated compliance monitoring in accordance with national and international regulations, such as the
   EU third Money Laundering Directive implemented in UK in the MLR 2007
• User and technical support
• Hosted and managed in an ISO and SAS 70 certified professional hosting facility

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