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NortonCardTM Platform issuing system is ready to handle a multinational cross border issuing business, enabling multi institute, multi currency and multi country (including multi language) environment.

Multi Institution
The system provides:
• Multi-institutional support within a single system database, or across segmented virtual private
   databases. Multi-institutions processing is supported within a single system database or across
   segmented virtual private databases
• Capability of processing for multiple issuers within in the same country, or across multiple countries. The
   system can process multiple issuers within the same country, or across multiple countries
• Each institution`s operator must have granted access at the institution level and can log onto the
   system through the institution.

Multi Currency
The system provides full support for multi-currency processing.
• Enabling customers with a single account or multiple accounts, with each account linked to different
   currencies. For example, "XYZ" issuer customer may have a EUR (€) account and a US$ account for
   international business linked to the same card.

Multi Card Products
The system supports multiple card issuing including:
• Debit cards (direct and deferred)
• Credit card
• Fleet/fuel cards
• Corporate cards
• Pre paid cards
• Travel cards
• Purchase cards
• Remittance Card
• Private label cards

Multi Accounts per Customer
The system internal account structure enables issuers to have multiple accounts linked to a single customer entity in the system. For example:
• A business traveller or an emigrant can have 2 currency accounts, one for US $ and one for XFA (home
  country currency), to enable billing in different currencies, for a single card, and

Multiple Cards per Account
• A card can be linked to one or many accounts: for example, a card may be linked to two or more currency
• Many cards can be linked to a single account, for example a primary card and all of its supplementary
  cards may be linked to one account. This enables multiple cards to a customer such as a
  supplementary/add-on card for wife.

Multi Level Authorization Control
The system must provide a mechanism for authorization limits to manage group or cardholder spending and reduce fraud.

Multi Payment Associations
NortonCardTM Platform supports multiple payment systems. Visa, MasterCards and AMEX products. Payment systems such as Diners Club and JCB can implemented in approximately six to eight weeks.

EMV Compliant
NortonCardTM Platform system is fully compliant with EMV requirements and fully supports issuing of VSDCTM and M/ChipTM cards.

Card Production
The system supports generation of a standard embossing file based on the Payment Association standards and regulations. The default embossing file layout is fully compatible with leading embossing system manufacturers file format and the user can create new formats for alternate card programmers or embossing systems directly through the parameter screens. This embossing file support feeding into the embossing machine or sent to an external embossing bureau for card production.

Fees and Charges
The system support Fees charging either a "one off fee , a "periodical fee, or as a "fee triggered due to changes on the customer account. Once a transaction has been defined, different types of fees or interest is assigned against it. For example, in the case of a cash advance, the Bank can have several types of cash advance fees with the following differing items:

The system support defining both credit and debit interest adjustments (fix interest or relative to a prime interest). Interest parameters are assigned to each account/institute in the system. The parameters must contain rules that dictate which transaction types generate interest for an account, and how much interest is generated by a transaction of a given type.

Clearing & Settlement
The system is fully compliant and certified with all of the international payment associations for clearing and Interchange and supports all the payment association clearing formats including Base II and IPM. All rejected transactions can be posted to a pending file for review and possible chargeback.

Cardholder Statements
The system supports a flexible statement/billing generation.
• The system support a mechanism for printing a detailed statement to a cardholder while billing a
   corporate or separate account where no physical card exists and a summary statement of all
   cardholders is available to that corporate or separate account.

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