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Global Payment Solutions

Get An International Currency Account with Norton Financial Corporation & Start Making Electronic Payments In All Major Currencies!

Payments from UK to Anywhere
For a 5 per month surcharge, Norton for Business can be adapted to include the ability to make payments in virtually any currency in the world. Even employees in other countries can have their salaries paid electronically. Norton has partnered with the top ten independent currency exchange companies in Europe, to provide online quotations for the payments you wish to make.
Once signed up for the service, Norton for Business will accept your payment instructions in the destination currency. For accounting purposes, immediate conversion takes place at Bank of England rates. When it is time to make the payments, your choice of broker is contacted via the internet and a quotation is provided. If accepted by you, the payment will be made via the broker. Norton will email the payment details to the creditor, any adjustments that may be necessary between the Bank of England rate and actual rates will be incorporated into the journal entry generated. Employee payments would be made using the funds transfer feature in Norton for Business.

Payments from Anywhere to Europe, USA and Asia pacific
For payments from another country to Europe suppliers you can enter your payments in euro, dollar or Pound sterling currencies. You transmit your payment instructions to Norton. Once Norton receives the pound sterling funds to cover the payments requested all payments will be made electronically the next day. If you do not have the bank account for the supplier, Norton will issue a cheque and request a bank account for future payments.
Save on expensive wire transfers
Once you have created your account and signed up to use Norton's International Payments module, you'll be able to use your Norton for Business software to make electronic payments in all major international currencies
If you are an organisation making large numbers of small international or domestic payments or perhaps have international customers making payments to you or accounts held with you, then partnering with Norton Financial Corporation will benefit you.
As a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment services, we have developed comprehensive online solutions to help your organisation to help your customers with their remittance needs.

- Simplify the payment process for your customers and help them to save money.
- Improve your service to your customers and increase loyalty to you.
- Generate additional revenue streams.
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