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Norton Financial Corporation Ltd is The UK's largest provider of electronic transaction processing solutions and products that help to manage support and speed the processing of funds for merchants, Banks, Money Transfer Operators, Foreign Exchange Offices, Micro Finance Institutions, Mobile Network Operators and government agencies. Norton Financial Corporation offers flexible, end-to-end payment solutions for funds movement, deposits, tracking, withdrawals, mobile top-up, money transfer, international payments, check processing, reporting tools, payment consolidation services and online bill payment.

Norton Financial Corporation offers innovative products and payment solutions to financial institutions and Money Transfer Operators seeking to attract and better serve immigrant communities. Our core product is a web-based turn-key remittance solution that allows financial institutions to offer a fast, reliable and compliant money transfer service to over 80 countries and territories worldwide with complete control over prices and customers.

As a leading provider of electronic transaction processing solutions, we operate on international franchise system around the world. Our Solution Suite includes: NortonCashT Money Transfer Platform, NortonCardT Payment card Solutions, white label ATM network, co-branded debit card programs, NortonSwitchT multipurpose EFT Switch Solutions, e.commerce Solutions, Mobile Payment solutions, and Global Payment Solutions (GPS). We successfully provided payment solutions to financial companies and government agencies across the world.

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