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Norton Financial Corporation Ltd - A reputation built on innovation and quality
Norton Financial Corporation Ltd is the principal governance entity of the global Norton Financial Corporation organization. An electronic transaction
Processing company operated around the world under an international franchise system through its subsidiaries and franchisees. The trademarks and logos NortonCashTM, NortonCardTM, NortonPayTM, NortonSwitchTM, NortonCheckTM, NortonMobileTM, NortonBankingTM, NortonFXTM are registered trademarks of the global Norton Financial Corporation Ltd, a private company limited by shares incorporated and registered in England & Wales.

Registered office at Sutherland House, 3 LIoyds Avenue, London, EC3N 3DS
• Established in February 2009
• Country of incorporation & main country of operation is the UK
• Private company limited by shares
• Authorised share capital: 1,000,000 GBP
• Current share price 1 GBP
• Registered office: Sutherland House, 3 LIoyds Avenue, London, EC3N 3DS
• Nature of business: Electronic transaction processing, card payment

Solution and ancillary financial services. We are currently planning to launch our Electronic Fund transfer platform
NortonCashTM Money Transfer Platform - design and developed from the ground up to conduct "real-time" financial transactions from ATM, POS, and Internet, independent of any one network, ATM, POS manufacturer, or operating system. NortonCashT Money Transfer Platform`s application enables
A Bank, micro finance institution, Money Transfer Company, Mobile network operators to operate like a virtual bank account for funds movement, deposits, tracking, withdrawals, mobile top-up, money remittance and payments.
Projected cash flow based on commissions which will be generated from transactions on this platform for the next 2 year could reach 10 million GBP.

Target market includes the following financial institutions in emerging market and developing countries where emigrants send money.
• High street banks
• Authorised Micro Finance Institutions
• Post offices
• Foreign Exchange Office
• Money Transfer Operators
• Mobile Network Operators
• E.commerce Website developers
• Travel Agencies
• Hotels and Retail outlets, or call +44(0)8456808071.
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