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Mobile Payment Solutions

Norton Mobile Payment Platform serves both the Telecommunications and Payments industries with proven industry specific solutions, such as those for Telecom provisioning, service activation and charging, as well as those for Payments acquiring and switching. Norton Financial Corporation provides these solutions using a service-oriented architecture that leverages reusable service components from both its Telecom and Payments offerings. All Norton Mobile Payment solutions run on a carrier grade transaction processing platform, the Norton Transaction Platform, which has been deployed by some of the world's most demanding telecom carriers and payment institutions.

Subscribers can top-up their mobile-wallet or add airtime using any payment vehicle, such as cash, cards or bank accounts. SMS notifications are sent to subscribers after successful recharge.

Money and Airtime Transfer
A subscriber can transfer money using any payment vehicle (mWallet, credit card, NortonCardT, NortnCashT, bank account or cash), to a pre-registered receiver. Subscribers can cash-in/cash-out their eMoney through registered agents of the NortonCashT network. The same application can be used for airtime transfer using the operator network. In this case, the solution can debit fees from subscriber accounts based on company-specific business rules.

Mobile Payments
Subscribers can purchase goods or services using their mobile device through SMS or USSD message, WEB or Wap-site, or contactless interfaces. The Norton Mobile Transaction enables authorization and settlement of the payment transactions across the multiple parties involved. The Norton platform supports both proximity and remote payment transactions.

Bill Payments
Subscribers can use their mobile devices to pay utility or phone bills from their prepaid mallet accounts or from bank or card accounts.

Real-time, Robust Mobile Payments Solutions
The Norton Mobile Transaction leverages Norton's market leading transaction processing platform and utilizes shared services from its telecom and payments applications to enable mobile payment services. Norton Mobile Transaction is an ideal technology platform for businesses seeking to deliver innovative and differentiated mobile payment services.
Norton Mobile Transaction is an open and flexible mobile transaction processing platform that allows mobile network operators, service providers and financial institutions to deliver, nationwide or across countries, mobile airtime & money services from airtime recharges up to remittances services or utilities bill payments. Norton Mobile Transaction can be deployed by operators, banks and service providers as a transaction processing hub, acquiring payment gateway.

Loyalty Programs and Cross-Marketing
Like other electronic payment methods, mobile payment transactions can offer carriers profitable cross-marketing opportunities. To effect these types of programs, the mobile payment platform needs to be extremely flexible, fast, and open enough to interact with both in-house and 3rd party marketing programs. Norton Mobile Transaction has these capabilities and can act as a proxy for both the subscriber profiles, and associated marketing databases in order to generate real-time offers against qualified transactions

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