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Network & Advantage

- NortonCashTM Network
NortonCashTM Distribution Network consists of financial institutions and money transfer companies in more than 80 countries and territories in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our paying partners are conveniently located for remittance recipients and consistently provide excellent customer service.

Advatanges of our network:
• Funds are often available within minutes of being sent
• Recipients are not required to have a bank account
• Payment can be made in cash or credited to an existing bank account, or through home delivery
   (depending on the paying partner)
• Competitive currency exchange rates
• In many places the remittance can be paid in local currency or an international currency, mainly U.S.
   dollars and Euros
• Beneficiary can cash with his Remittance Card NortonCashTM from our white labe ATM or our partner`s
   ATM network in his country.
• Low investment for start-up money remittance company

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