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Our electronic transaction processing solutions are namely:

EFT Switch Solutions
NortonSwitchTM is a multipurpose, multiprotocol and Multilanguage software based transaction processing product designed to handle online financial transactions from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Cash Dispensers, Kiosks, Phones, Internet Applications, Point of Sale devices, International Interchanges such as Visa, Master Card and Diners. Norton switch is designed to meet the needs of the financial institution or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network that must switch large volumes of transactions from many/any source(s) to many/any destination(s).

Credit Card Solutions
Norton provides financial institutions with card processing services that are tailor-made to suit market requirements. With agile-processing, a cost effective deployment and continuous innovation, we provide institutions worldwide with an outstanding value proposition. We offer EMV compliant Credit Card Solutions to address the complete life cycle of a card- from application processing to cardholder statements generation. Norton also provides solutions for managing collection as well as monitoring and preventing fraud.

NortonCard is a comprehensive EMV compliant credit and charge card management solution. Its main business functions include application processing, card life-cycle management, transaction processing, clearing and settlement, billing and statement generation, payment processing, dispute management, merchant management, loyalty programs, risk management and customer care. NortonCard can be co-branded with any financial institutions, Money Transfer companies, hotels, super market, Insurance companies, Pharmacies, Universities and petrol station.

Prepaid Card Solutions
Norton Prepaid (NortonCardTM) is a solution for closed and open loop prepaid and stored value cards such as payroll cards, gift cards, travel cards, remittance cards, campus cards and retail cards. Features of the product include web-based multi-lingual user interface, comprehensive due diligence (KYC) controls, management of inventory as well as sales and distribution channels and web services APIs to allow customer self-care through the Internet

E-commerce Solutions
With an explosive growth in volumes of e-commerce payments on the internet, the challenge for e-businesses is to effectively handle internet payment methods, maintain high levels of customer and merchant services and implement security policies to ensure the integrity of transactions, customer and merchant data. Norton Payment Gateway (NPG) offers customers, merchants and financial institutions a very comprehensive modular solution that is secure, reliable and enables quick response to evolving business requirements.

Norton Payment GatewayTM
Norton Payment Gateway (NPG) offers card holders, merchants and financial institutions a solution that enables secure acquisition, processing and routing of online e-commerce transactions. NPG is a real time payment processing solution that supports all major credit and debit cards from global payment processing networks. It provides transaction acquiring and processing interfaces to Web Merchants, Customers, EFT Switches & Acquirer Networks. NPG is a highly configurable and sophisticated routing solution to manage authorization of payment transactions received over the Internet.

NortonCashTM Platform
NortonCash Platform is a Money Transfer platform for financial institution, Money Remittance and Foreign Exchange Office. It is a multipurpose, multiprotocol and Multilanguage software based transaction processing platform designed to handle online financial transactions from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Cash Dispensers, Kiosks, Phones, Internet Applications, Point of Sale devices, cash to cash, cash to account.

NortonCheck is a national travel check issue by a member of a Norton network and can be cashed at any NortonCash member branch. The check is accepted anywhere where the NorCash sign is fixed.

NortonMobileTM Payment
Norton Mobile Payment Platform serves both the Telecommunications and Payments industries with proven industry specific solutions, such as those for Telecom provisioning, service activation and charging, as well as those for Payments acquiring and switching. Norton Financial Corporation provides these solutions using a service-oriented architecture that leverages reusable service components from both its Telecom and Payments offerings. All Norton Mobile Payment solutions run on a carrier grade transaction processing platform, the Norton Transaction Platform, which has been deployed by some of the world's most demanding telecom carriers and payment institutions.

Norton Global Payment
If you are an organisation making large numbers of small international or domestic payments or perhaps have international customers making payments to you or accounts held with you, then partnering with Norton Financial Corporation will benefit you. As a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment services, we have developed comprehensive online solutions to help your organisation to help your customers with their remittance needs.

- Simplify the payment process for your customers and help them to save money.
- Improve your service to your customers and increase loyalty to you.
- Generate additional revenue streams.
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