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Send Money

Send money in 3 secured means through by Norton

Send by cash
Get into any NortonCash agent in your area to send money to friends or family member. As a compliance policy, you will be asked to fill a form and provide the details about the beneficiary together with a prove of ID, the agent will login to NortonCash Money Transfer Platform to send a request of transfer (MT). In a minute the beneficiary will receive a message on his mobile phone confirming that money has been sent to him. The beneficiary could then get into any NortonCash agent to cash the money. Alternatively if the beneficiary is a holder of a Norton Money Transfer account with a NortonCard, he could get into any NortonCash ATM in his area to cash the money using his NortonCard 24/24, Monday to Sunday. The beneficiary could also use his NortonCard to pay bill online through our secured payment website or also send money into another Norton account holder. All transactions online or by phone using or secured payment gateway are real time transactions. When the sender Norton account is debited the beneficiary account is credited in minute

Send Money online
If you hold a Norton money transfer account in your financial institution, you could send money from our secured payment website using our secure payment gateway. You can login to your account from a PC and send money to friend and family member securely and save your time. Contact your bank to open a Norton account and start sending and receive money in your to and from million on Norton users around the world.
To recharge your Norton account and reload you NortonCard simple get into any financial institution member of the Norton network to pay cash into your account.

Send Money through NortonCash ATM
When you hold a Norton account you could send money to friend and family from any NortonCash ATM using your NortonCard. Norton financial corporation white label ATM could be localize in super markets, petrol stations, Universities, Night clubs, Hotels, bus stations and airports.

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